18 Interesting Pictures of Irish Wolfhounds

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Irish Wolfhounds are one of the most interesting looking dog breeds, and with their wiry coats and large stature, they can look very menacing from afar. They are the tallest of dog breeds, and are named for their purpose as opposed to their appearance, since they were primarily used in the hunting of wolves. Here are 18 interesting pictures that show Irish Wolfhounds at their finest.

Éireann Laughing

Éireann Laughing by Jens Wilmer

gather ye rosebuds while ye may

gather ye rosebuds while ye may by Kevin

Arahu's Heartbeat of the Earth

Arahu’s Heartbeat of the Earth by Kevin

Irish Wolfhound puppy

Irish Wolfhound puppy by Johan Carlström

i can has glitter graphic?

i can has glitter graphic? by Kevin


sn00t by Kevin


Jadzia by Kevin


Grendel by Kevin

ain't nothing like a good howl in the morning

ain’t nothing like a good howl in the morning by Kevin

Rogue is pretty cute

Rogue is pretty cute by Kevin


Untitled by Kevin

The Flyin' J

The Flyin’ J by Kevin


Wolfhound by Fouquier


Untitled by Kevin

Hi Dad!

Hi Dad! by Kevin

Nose with water drops

Nose with water drops by Johan Carlström

Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club

Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club by Mark


Untitled by Kevin

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  1. Nikolay Mirchev

    “The Flyin’ J by Kevin” I love this image, really good capture of the spirit and the character of this dogs.

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