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The Team

nate kay Nate Kay · Founder/Editor-in-Chief
Nate is a photography and outdoor enthusiast who spends most of his time in Washington State and Colorado. He enjoys backpacking up mountains during the summer and skiing down them in the winter.

stephanie kay-kokStephanie Kay-Kok · Managing Editor
Stephanie reads magazines for the pictures, judges books by their covers, and hangs out in the photography and children’s sections of book stores. She has a master’s in literature, somehow.

tim kokTim Kok · Features Editor
Tim is a ‘freelance’ philosopher and political scientist from Amsterdam. He loves meeting new people, exploring out-of-the-way places and traveling the world through photography.

elizabeth vandermeerElizabeth VanderMeer · Writer
Beth spends her time exploring museums, doing needlework, researching historical fashion, and browsing through old photos. She has a master’s in museum studies.

emily hildebrandEmily Hildebrand · Writer
Emily is a student from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She spends most of her time sewing, taking pictures, and reading.

lyndsey meyerLyndsey Meyer · Writer
Lyndsey has had a strong interest in photography her whole life. She loves capturing special moments in time and be able to review and relive them later.

christina pudwillChristina Pudwill · Writer
Christina has a big passion for the arts. She loves photography, arts/crafts, reading, writing, and studying poetry. She is inspired by old-fashioned traditions and enjoys drinking tea daily.

ciera brooksCiera Brooks · Writer
Ciera enjoys photographing children, families, weddings, food and landscapes. Capturing a moment in time that will last forever is her favorite thing about photography.

christopher o'donnellChristopher O’Donnell · Contributor
Christopher O’Donnell is a landscape photographer living on the coast of Maine. Read valuable photography tips and tutorials on his website, and you can visit his portfolio to view his latest work accompanied by personal commentary.

luis argerichLuis Argerich · Contributor
Luis is a landscape photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has a special interest for night landscapes and astrophotography. You can view his work on his website.

chaz curryChaz Curry · Contributor
Chaz is a photographer and filmmaker from Los Angeles, CA. When not on a photo shoot or buried in post production, he enjoys shooting surfing from in the water and playing ice hockey. Visit his website for more great photography.

grant ordelheideGrant Ordelheide · Contributor
Grant Ordelheide is an outdoor and adventure photographer from Colorado. He enjoys snowboarding, climbing, and photographing in the worlds most rugged and remote mountain ranges. For information on prints visit his website.

steven mcconnellSteven McConnell · Contributor
Steven McConnell is a professional family photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He shares his passion for photography with his fiancé, Irene. Together they run Steven & Irene Photography.

forefathersForefathers · Design & Development
A couple of talented musicians with an eye for design teamed up to form Forefathers Group. They continue to keep the site looking awesome for us.


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