ColorStrokes – A Creative Selective Coloring Photo App for Photographers

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ColorStrokes is another app by MacPhun, the team behind award winning FX Photo Studio for Mac. Unlike FX Photo Studio with its huge array of photo effects, filters and frames, ColorStrokes is a one trick pony, made for a single purpose – help you create stunning images with selective colors. MacPhun gave us access to this app and we found it to be pretty cool.

For those unfamiliar (I am almost sure there are none) photography with selective colors is when you turn most of the image to monochrome and leave one or two objects in color. When done right, selective colors add a truly magnifying charm to the snaps.

So ColorStrokes does just that. Once you load a photo in color, the app will turn it to monochrome. And while traditional photos with selective colors have grayscale background, ColorStrokes will give you a possibility to choose between sepia (for more vintage shots), blue tone (for analog flavor) and grayscale (if you prefer classics). In terms of color processing possibilities, ColorStrokes can easily compete with dozens of other more expensive photo editors.


First you can reveal the original colors of the snap by painting with the brush over the monochrome image. The brush is fully customizable and lets you adjust size, softness and opacity. Second you can apply brand new colors to the picture – this is something you won’t find in any similar app. And the last but not least, ColorStrokes features a variety of color controls to adjust hue, saturation, gamma, exposure and more. A number of times I actually found myself using ColorStrokes simply for quick image enhancements, not for making colorstrokes photos.



To make a long story short ColorStrokes IS a one trick pony, but this pony does a wonderful trick. I personally find this little Mac app to be the best spending of $3 the photo artist can possibly make. The app is intuitive, inspiring and feature rich. And the fact that you can print your pictures on canvas right from inside the app makes it even more attractive for the holidays.

Check out ColorStrokes for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

(The Mac version is now on a huge holiday sale for $0.99 (regular price – $3.99)
but not for long.)

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  1. Anna

    I’ve been using Mac and iPad versions for quite a long time. Great alternative to complicated apps which try to do the same, but eventually fail.

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  2. Serena Irene

    Haven’t tried this software yet, does ColorStrokes come in an Android app?

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  3. sabina pamfili

    Color Strokes sounds wonderful and I would love to use it but I have Microsoft (laptop) and no ipad. Is there a version also for MS or just macs?
    Thank you.

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