Hands on with Snapheal: One of 2012 Mac App Store Best Apps

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Snapheal is the photo editor for Mac that first showed up on the App Store in December 2011. It was updated few days ago to version 2.1, bringing the brand new look, noticeable performance boost and the whole set of new handy tools. Mashable called Snapheal “Inexpensive alternative to Photoshop” and just recently Apple named it one of “2012 Best Mac App Store Apps”. MacPhun gave us access to this app so that we can tell you what it’s all about.

Snapheal is incredibly simple, yet powerful tool for removing extra objects from images, getting rid of skin imperfections and performing other complex edits with no special knowledge required. It does quite amazing job in erasing unwanted stuff from pictures, like stones, wires, people, signs, text and more. What you need to do is highlight the extra object with a brush or lasso; click “Erase” button and seconds later imperfection disappear. There is a very handy “Clone & Stamp” tool to enhance the fixed area, but usually its not required. Here’s a video comparing healing tools in Snapheal and Photoshop – http://bit.ly/QXpY4P. As you can see both apps bring similar results, but Snapheal is times less expensive.




Fair enough to mention that Photoshop is not just about spot healing. But Snapheal is not just about erasing objects as well. The app features retouch and photo adjust tools that let you enhance all image at once or pick separate areas to improve. Editing tools include gamma, hue, saturation adjustments; controls for shadows, highlights, exposure; clarity tool and more. Snapheal basically has all the tools an average photographer would need to fix and enhance pictures taken. But as we mention, doesn’t require any special learning or consumes time to perform edits.

We’ve been experimenting with Snapheal for quite a long time and were nothing but impressed with its photo editing excellence. It is usually priced over $20, but is currently available for just $9.99 on Mac App Store. For this price, simplicity and high quality image processing it’s an absolute steal and definitely gives more expensive photo editors run for their money.

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