Here’s Why You Should Visit Scotland

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This video, Lights of Scotland by Romain Corraze, gives reason enough to visit this beautiful country.

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  1. The Soul Explorer

    How I wish I could visit Scotland!

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  2. shannon

    Like I need to be given reason for a trip to Scotland. Sigh.

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  3. Ellen

    So beautiful…and brilliant music combination :)

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  4. Beatriz

    Scotland one of the most beatiful countries, the scenery, the people. I want to go back!!!

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  5. MC

    Very nice and well done. The sound effects are a bit annoying.

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  6. Ken MacLeod

    We’ve been toPortree on the Isle of Skye (via Edinburgh) where my family came in the 1800′s. You will modern life touched by magnificent history. What a fantastic time it was.

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  7. Romain

    Thanks a lot for your support and I hope you’ll all be lucky enough to visit this fantastic country soon :)

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