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We recently talked about Snapheal, which I find is one the better photo editors available on App Store today. In this review we’re taking a look at FX Photo Studio (MacPhun gave us access), the app by the same guys, who made Snapheal. So what’s good and bad about FX Photo Studio?

Actually, many may have heard about it already. I’ve had iPhone version of the app since 2009, when it first showed up on App Store. Both iOS and Mac versions are jam-packed with almost 200 photo filters and frames. And we’re talking mostly about high-quality stuff, not the crippled filters you find in most other photo apps. I prefer the desktop version, because it handles larger files, editing on Mac is more comfortable than on iPhone, not to mention that Mac version includes filters that are locked (available as in-app) in FX Photo Studio for iPhone.

FX Studios

Effects are divided in separate categories, including vintage, sketches, lo-fi, cross-processed, grunge, Hollywood FX, color lenses, art, etc. There are even some pretty crazy effects that add 3D look, noise; pixelate photo or invert colors beyond recognition. As with any decent app you can adjust effects right on your image.

FX Studios

FX Photo Studio even let’s you apply filters to the part of the image only. You use the brush to mark the area to apply the effect. Check the screenshot above where I put noise on everything but the car – I can see huge artistic and creative potential with this feature. Of course you can do the same with Photoshop, but it is much faster and more intuitive in FX Photo Studio, which is especially great for beginners and semi-pro. Plus FX Photo Studio is currently priced at $7.99 (regular price $19.99), while Photoshop will cost you way more than that.

FX Studios

So that’s what I think about FX Photo Studio. It’s hard to call this app a photo editor, since it’s missing a number of editing tools, which you will find in Snapheal or Aperture. I would call it a photo processing or photo-filtering app, because filters are what make FX Photo Studio a must-have for an avid photographer. I also find it a perfect companion for iPhoto and Aperture – the app lets you easily import photos from Apple apps and then send it back. FX Photo Studio is currently available for $7.99 (75% OFF). There is also FX Photo Studio PRO, priced at $19.99 (regular price $40). The PRO version can handle RAW files and brings additional picture editing tools, but I find the non-pro version is more than enough when you need artistic and powerful app to spruce up ordinary snaps.

Check out FX Studios for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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