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Awesome short by Tom Jenkins.

“Story: A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.”

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  1. TZel

    Thank you, I really enjoyed this video.

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  2. Anon

    That was awesome.

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  3. Shay

    I love this!!

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  4. R

    This was very cool. But not filmed in the US, right? Wrong light switch.

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  5. Jubal

    Nice work. I bet that took a long time. The end result is fantastic!

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  6. Johnny Grey


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  7. Dylan

    badass, i especially liked the spinning lights, as they were a nice touch.

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  8. Sourav Chakraborty

    Wow that was nice!

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  9. easygfx

    Wow what a cool video, very creative. Must have taken forever to make!

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  10. Pats

    Really lovely. What was the name of the song you used?

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  11. justin d

    gosh, amazing amount of talent. A car company should turn this into a commercial

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  12. Laura

    So beautiful… what was the music?

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  13. Kieron L

    I also really enjoyed that :D

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  14. Tony

    Amazing video. never enjoyed an artistic video as much as I did with this one. Very nice job!!

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  15. kipmartin

    wow. it made me smile, and it made me ache. what a poignant film.

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  16. Цукорский

    Heh, when he passes thru that tunnel – that’s somewhere in Russia :)

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  17. Laonie

    Moving,inspiring and incredibley clever. an animated film which actually makes you smile and think. ….

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  18. Patty

    Whoever made this i wanna marry you. You should call me 83445645. I am an educated uptown girl earning her masters in business.

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  19. Marcin Wrocław

    Wow, that video is great!

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  20. BD

    Wow, that was amazing. i’m really impressed and really enjoyed watching it. keep it up; i just want to see more of your work now…

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  21. vasya

    there are no google street view in russia or SNG.

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  22. JAFFA

    Anybody else notice that the white toy reaped all the rewards and the black toy did all the work?

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  23. Richard A

    Music is “The Arrival Of The Birds” by The Cinematic Orchestra. Really cool animation ;)

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  24. Lars Nordén

    For everyone wondering, the music is: cinematic orchestra “arrival of the birds”. Really awesome video dude. Like the loneliness feel and the escapism vibe. Very good work.

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  25. Lara

    awww thats adorable!

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  26. Murtaza K

    That was so touching and beautiful! Awesome job indeed.

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  27. mao


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  28. Amy

    Thank you! That was so beautiful.

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  29. Michael

    As someone unable to get out and do anything myself, I really identified with this.

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  30. Theresa

    hah I actaully felt sorry for the toy!

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  31. Ankit

    superb …..

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  32. nurika

    lovely n’ cool <3

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  33. Biru Langit

    That’s cool! Literally!

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  34. Vipin

    That was so beautiful <3

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  35. KAY

    I love this. it was really cool and very inspiring. It does get my creative juicies going.

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  36. fifi

    that’s so amazing , I like the angle and the idea, so creative and unpredictable
    good job I hope someday I can make the amazing stop motion like that

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  37. Julian Babulea

    This is so beautiful and inspiring!
    Thank you.

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